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Why You Should Avoid DIY Gutter Cleaning in Sarasota at All Costs!

December 24, 2019

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Regular gutter cleaning in Sarasota is vital for maintaining your home, keeping it safe from water damage and looking its best. However, many homeowners put off professional gutter cleaning and brightening simply due to the cost, and because they assume they can manage this task on their own.

If you’re a homeowner who likes to tackle as many home improvement and maintenance jobs as possible without hiring a pro, you might note some reasons to avoid DIY gutter cleaning of a Sarasota home. It’s also helpful to understand the value of gutter cleaning and brightening as well as roof washing in Sarasota, so you know why it’s good to invest in the cost of these services. You can also discuss your concerns about gutter cleaning, exterior house washing in Sarasota, roof cleaning, and other services with a power washing contractor as needed.

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The Dangers of DIY Gutter Cleaning in Sarasota

Before you invest in gutter cleaning tools and drag out your ladder, note that a garden hose is typically ineffective at cleaning away thick, caked-on dirt and grime from gutters. Rather than clean and clear gutters, your DIY cleaning might only create a muddy mess and leave you with an unsightly home exterior! Improper use of a pressure washer is just as dangerous, as too much pressure creates splatter and might loosen gutters from their connectors.

Being on a ladder while cleaning gutters in Sarasota is also dangerous and especially as you’re trying to remove layers of dirt, mud, and other grime. Using a telescopic gutter cleaning tool can be safer but it’s also easy to miss all that dirt and grime when you’re on the ground, underneath the gutters as they’re being cleaned!

It’s also good to note that water and sludge from gutter cleaning in Sarasota often backs up to the home’s roof where it’s then absorbed by shingles, roofing underlayment, the home’s framework, and other materials. In turn, the home might suffer water damage, mold growth, the spread of algae, and other risks. A power washing contractor in Sarasota ensures all water and debris washes away from the home rather than onto the roof or exterior walls.

Call a Pro No Matter the Gutter Cleaning Costs in Sarasota

Don’t put off gutter cleaning costs in Sarasota, as clogged and dirty gutters increase the risk of damage to a home’s exterior walls and roof. Gutters allows rainwater to wash off the roof and into the downspouts where it’s then directed away from the home’s walls and foundation. Rainwater pools in clogged and dirty gutters, backing up to the home’s roof and splashing over their sides.

Roofing materials absorb pooling rainwater, as said, as does a home’s concrete foundation. The roof, foundation, outside walls, and other areas then crack and split and allow for mold growth. When rainwater washes over the sides of clogged gutters, this also damages exterior brick and siding and leaves behind unsightly water streaks.

Professional gutter cleaning in Sarasota removes dirt and debris so that gutters are clean and clear and free of clogs. You’ll avoid mold damage and the cost of roof and foundation repairs when you invest in gutter cleaning costs in Sarasota as often as needed.

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How Often Do You Need to Clean Gutters of a Sarasota Home?

There’s no set schedule you might follow for gutter cleaning in Sarasota, as long as you plan this work often enough to keep gutters clean and clear. While homes in most areas might need annual or bi-annual gutter cleaning and roof washing, note a few reasons why gutter cleaning in Sarasota is often needed more than just once per year!

  • Sand and other gritty debris often collects on homes in Florida, even when inland. Sand, silt, and debris from nearby coastal areas builds up quickly and clogs gutters easily; the closer you live to the coast, the more often your home might need gutter cleaning.
  • Excessive humidity increases the risk of mold and algae growth outside Florida homes. Standing rainwater in clogged gutters increases this risk as well. To avoid mold growth and damaging algae around your home’s exterior walls and roof eaves, consider gutter cleaning in Sarasota twice per year, in spring and fall!
  • Florida is also known for being home to lots of bothersome insects which tend to collect in areas of standing water. Gutters clogged with “gunk” and pooled rainwater become popular landing spots for bugs and insects, which then create a mess with their larva and droppings and make it difficult to relax outdoors! Opt for gutter cleaning in Sarasota as often as needed to keep gutters clean of enticing grime and water.
  • Trees drop seeds, leaves, twigs, sap, and other debris onto a home’s roof and gutters. If your property has lots of mature trees, and especially if they hang over the house, you might need gutter cleaning and roof washing in Sarasota more often than homes without trees in the yard.

What Does Gutter Cleaning in Sarasota Include?

All Sarasota gutter cleaning contractors will offer various services according to the levels of filth in the home’s gutters, but typically a thorough cleaning job includes dissolving thick dirt and grime with specialty surfactants, and then rinsing the gutters thoroughly. Gutter cleaning in Sarasota also ensures that downspouts are free of clogs and clean of dirt and debris. Some power washing companies in Sarasota might also clean roof eaves and overhangs and other such areas.

Gutter brightening in Sarasota is also an excellent service to consider. Gutter brightening cleans the undersides and outsides of gutters and downspouts. When rainwater washes over clogged gutters, it typically leaves behind unsightly “tiger stripes” that are difficult to clean with a garden hose and which can make your entire house look rundown and dingy.

Gutter cleaning and brightening in Sarasota keeps gutters clean and functioning properly, while also looking their best. You might be surprised at how attractive your entire home looks when you invest in gutter brightening in Sarasota as well as regular roof washing, exterior house washing, and other power washing services for a Sarasota home.

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