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Residential Pressure Washing Tips for New Homeowner

Every new homeowner should ensure that regular Residential Pressure Washing is part of their home maintenance routine. Built-up dirt, mud, silt, grime, and other debris can eat away at brick, concrete, wood, and other exterior materials, and make even a new home look downright shabby.

Residential Pressure Washing requires the right machine and attachments as well as specific detergents designed for various surfaces. A new homeowner should also practice using the equipment on durable materials before washing their house and should avoid using too much pressure on exterior glass, patio stones, and other fragile surfaces.

A professional power washer is the best choice for any home, as he or she can ensure no surfaces on your property are damaged and that everything is cleaned thoroughly and adequately. However, if you do want to manage this job yourself, note some vital tips that will help ensure your success.

What Is the Best Power Washing Equipment to Buy for Home Use?

No one particular home pressure washer is the best choice for every homeowner; the best power wash machine for your home will offer the strength needed to remove the dirt and grime covering your property's exterior surfaces, while still being lightweight and manageable for you. To choose your machine, first consider some pros and cons of various types of equipment, and then you can decide which is right for your needs.

What Can You Power Wash?

Most exterior home surfaces are safe for cleaning with a pressure washer, including brick, aluminum or vinyl siding, concrete and asphalt, wood decks and fences, metal railings and banisters, and glass fencing. There are surfaces and materials that a homeowner should avoid power washing, and should leave to a professional to clean, including:
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Note, too, that residential pressure washing can shred peeling paint and even remove sealcoating and other topcoats from concrete, asphalt, and the like. If any surface on your property is not in good condition, it's best to leave your cleaning work to the pros, so that you don't cause more damage with your power wash techniques.

Should You Pressure Wash a House Before Painting?

It's good to pressure wash a house before painting, to remove as much dirt and dust as possible. Surface debris will eventually peel away from a home's exterior surface, taking that fresh paint with it! Dried dust, cobwebs, and other such residues will also make the paint look bumpy and uneven.

Flakes of paint, rust, and other debris from a home's exterior walls and surfaces will be removed with pressure cleaning. Mold and algae clinging to a home's foundation or siding can be killed with washing that includes a bleach or other such solution. The exterior surface of a home will then be clean and dry, and ready for new paint.

How Often Should You Power Wash your House?

Most homeowners would do well to schedule pressure washing services every year; however, consider when it might be good to wash the exterior of your home more than just annually:

Stormy weather will deposit acid rain residue, dust, and other debris on a home's exterior walls. Residual dirt and grime is unsightly and can also cause etching and scratching along brick and siding.
Strong storms can leave behind seeds, twits, wet leaves, silt, and other such grime on a roof. This debris can make its way under shingles, loosening them, so that roofing tiles might be more likely to blow away in a storm.
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Pressure Washing Mistakes to Avoid

When you choose a home pressure washer and decide to clean your property exterior, note some common mistakes to avoid, so that you don't damage your property and so the job will be done correctly:
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When to Call a Pressure Washing Company

Even with a high-quality machine and a bit of know-how, it's still good to have an expert power wash a house when needed. Note when you want to search online for "pressure washing near me" rather than buying a machine and tackling this cleaning job yourself:
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A homeowner might also invest in a lightweight power wash machine for regular residential pressure washing and then rely on a professional to give the home a more thorough, deep cleaning every year or as often as needed. A light cleaning in between professional visits will keep your home's exterior looking fresh and new, while a deep, professional clean will remove damaging mold, algae, grit, and other such grime.
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