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Residential Power Washing Project in Sarasota

Does your residential property need power washing?

One of our best services in Sarasota includes residential power washing services. The weather in Florida can be kind of crazy at times with sporadic rainfall, hurricanes, and high humidity. All of these things can result in dirt, moss, silt, and other organic materials clinging to your home. There is also a high concentration of salt in the air due to the Gulf of Mexico being in everyone's backyard. So, it is safe to say that residential power washing is a necessity here in the Sarasota area. 

Our team took on a pressure washing job for a home that survived Hurricane Michael back in 2018. amazingly enough, the home didn't have any damages whatsoever! The homeowner took special care to weatherize the structure before the hurricane hit. However, the siding and roof of the house were covered in silt, which is a sand-like material that is very gritty and can cause abrasions and etching to occur on siding, glass, etc. There was also quite a bit of debris on the roof that was simply too dangerous for our clients to remove by themselves.


Now, many people might think that in order to successfully remove silt and debris from a hurricane on a house will take a mass amount of highly pressurized water, but we beg to differ. We applied our soft wash technique to this hurricane-ridden home and watched the dirt melt away, layer by layer. The only thing that was removed from the house's surface was grit and grime. high-pressure washing can certainly get rid of dirt but it can also damage shingles, siding, glass, etc. This homeowner had already been through enough and we didn't want to cause any more burdens for them by damaging their property with water that was far too pressurized.

As we were performing our residential power washing duties we noticed that the patio area of the home had some green algae growing. This occurrence was not associated with the hurricane and probably was there for a very long time. We applied a special cleaning agent to the area and again used soft washing techniques to kill and remove the algae. Once we had finished you couldn't tell that the green slimy growth had ever been there. The homeowner was very pleased with the results and scheduled their next appointment for routine residential power washing services with our team of professionals.

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