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Professional Roof Cleaning Project in Sarasota

This home needed roof cleaning in Sarasota, bad...

Out of all the jobs that we take on in the Sarasota area, there was one that will always stick out in our minds the most. It's really hard to forget a home who's roof is completely covered in moss. When we pulled up to the residence you would have thought the homeowners planted a lawn on their rooftop! This structure definitely needed professional Sarasota roof cleaning services and it needed them NOW. 

As we assessed the situation we could tell that the Tiles underneath all of the moss had been there for quite some time. In fact, the homeowner had mentioned that they were at least 30 years old. We knew we had to be extra careful when applying our power washing methods to this roof because we didn't want to disturb the integrity of the tiles while we were blasting away the moss.

roof covered in moss

This is exactly why ProClean Power Washing Sarasota takes a gentle approach to roof cleaning, especially when said roof is covered in traditional tiling. Soft washing uses specially formulated chemicals to clean and loosen the moss while the "soft" flow of water gently sloughs it away. 

While we were applying soft wash techniques to the roof, we did notice an area where the tiles were starting to loosen. Instead of power washing, this part of the roof our crew applied the cleaning solution by hand and gently scrubbed the small area clean using manual tools. It was at this time that we noticed there was a mold/mildew problem under the moss. This is quite common so it wasn't a surprise to us. The cleaning solution that we use kills mold and prevents it from happening again, especially when the roof is routinely cleaned by a professional company such as ours.

pro clean power washing

This particular roof ended up taking us a bit longer to clean than some of our other projects due to the level of moss present (the entire surface area was covered) but once we were through it looked like a million bucks! We could barely tell that this was the same rooftop that we had seen when we first arrived. The homeowner was absolutely amazed by what we had accomplished using a combination of soft wash and manual roof cleaning techniques. They scheduled their maintenance appointment with us to ensure their moss problem would not return. We can confidently say that this was a job well done!

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