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Exterior House Cleaning Project in Bradenton

House cleaning and power washing in Bradenton done right...

All of our projects of power washing in Bradenton have been important, but there was one home in particular that really stood out. This property was built sometime within the last 30 years and had a lot of architectural detail.. The home had recently been purchased after standing vacant for over a decade. The homeowner was busy making all sorts of renovations on the interior of the home when it dawned on him that the exterior needed some TLC, fast. The vinyl exterior oft he house was caked in mud, dirt, and cobwebs. In fact, some of the cobwebs were so thick that not even the sporadic, torrential downpours of Florida seemed to move them.

We knew that this exterior house cleaning project wasn't going to be easy but our team was armed with the best cleaning solutions and equipment in the pressure washing industry. Our approach is to always use a soft wash technique as to not disturb the building's surface. We only want to get rid of the grit and grime. We ended up using a bit more pressure on the bricks because it was in good shape and could withstand higher pressurized water flow. However, around the framework of the roof and windows, we opted to use the lowest pressure possible due to those areas being designed from wood. We did not want to loosen or upheave the antique architecture of this house.

Our crew noticed that during the exterior house cleaning procedure this structure had fallen prey to acid rain, which is a common occurrence here in Florida. The problem was particularly bad on the concrete steps and sidewalk leading up to the front door. We applied a heavy-duty solution that completely melted away any traces of acid rain while leaving the concrete intact and looking bright like the day it was poured.

Once we finished the exterior cleaning of this vintage home we could barely believe our eyes. The power of the soft wash method never ceases to amaze us. The home no longer had mud and dirt sticking to its surfaces and all traces of acid rain had vanished. You absolutely do not need extremely pressurized water to clean the exteriors of a house and risk breaking down the surface. The soft wash approach tackled this very dirty 1920's abode and left it looking like it should grace the cover of a magazine.

If you are looking for the best exterior house washing company in the area, get in touch. We offer a long list of solutions that are effective and budget-friendly.

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