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Simply the BEST Driveway Power Washing in Venice, FL

When was the last time you power washed your driveway?

Many times, we pay a lot of attention to the exterior of our homes but not enough attention to the condition of the driveway. Just like your house and roof, your driveway can breakdown due to months and years of dirt, animal waste, and automotive fluid buildup. Things like gasoline, oil, and antifreeze can really harm the molecular structure of your concrete or asphalt driveways. However, when you hire a professional company like ProClean to routinely provide driveway power washing for your Venice property it can make a world of difference.

We recently worked on a customer's property in the Venice area. Originally, they hired us for exterior house cleaning. Once we finished the job everyone was marveling over how great the house, windows, garage, and roof looked, but there was just one problem. The driveway was atrocious. My team and I approached the homeowner about driveway power washing services and explained the benefits to her and she agreed to let us perform them. Her driveway had never been pressure washed and had been poured over 20 years ago. The once sandy colored cement was now brown and in some spots, totally black with automotive fluid spills. It was a mess, to say the least.

We used our most heavy-duty detergents to melt away the stains and then gently washed them away using our unique soft wash method. The combination of biodegradable detergents and soft washing totally rejuvenated the driveway. It was almost unrecognizable once we finished. The only problem we ran into was around the edges of the driveway there was significant grass staining. Our team applied a special soap made with washing soda to lighten the stains and then scrubbed them away using a handheld scrub brush. Worked like a charm!

Our client was amazed by the results and could not believe the original color of her driveway. She said she had forgotten that it was such a light, sandy color. Now, her driveway matched the sparkling cleanliness of her home and roof. Talk about a boost in curb appeal! We explained to our client that regular professional driveway power washing would keep her cement in tip-top shape so she agreed to schedule her maintenance appointment with us that same day. This is just one of the many power washing success stories that we have in our portfolio. The soft wash method works wonders on driveways and other hardscapes.

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