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Expert Commercial Pressure Washing Project in Sarasota

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Florida weather can be really chaotic at times. From the torrential downpours to hurricane season you just never know what Mother Nature has in store for the Sunshine State. Our company enjoys helping business owners keep their property clean and protected from sporadic rain showers, salty air, and all the other environmental factors that go with owning commercial property in Sarasota, Florida. Commercial pressure washing is just one of the many services that we at ProClean have to offer but it's a service that we perform often.

One particular commercial project that we worked on here in Sarasota was for a chain department store building. The outside of the building consisted of aluminum roofing and siding, some woodwork, concrete sidewalks, large glass windows and doors, and plastic signage with metal clasps and hooks. The building and roof had a lot of seagull droppings littered all over it and this was a big problem for the property owner because it was an eyesore. Nobody wants their customers to be greeted with bird poop as they walk into the building. We knew right then and there that our soft wash method and special chemical cleaning solutions (biodegradable and eco-safe) would be a great way to slough off the bird droppings and dirt.

As we got to the large sign of individual lighted lettering on the top of the building we had to really be careful not to use too high of pressurized water. We did not want to damage the sign. This is why the soft wash method is so amazing for commercial pressure washing. As we were cleaning we noticed a little bird's nest nestled in the crook of one of the letters. There were no birds or eggs in the nest so one of our crew members used a ladder to climb up to where the nest was, grabbed it out, and relocated it to a nearby tree. We care about wildlife at ProClean Power Washing Sarasota.

Once we were down cleaning this commercial property the lettering, which was white, really stood out to us! Before starting the commercial pressure washing project the lettering appeared almost gray. It was really dirty and covered in bird droppings. Our soft wash method totally removed all the layers of dirt and debris and left the letters of the sign looking brilliantly white. It was a sight to behold. Our client was very pleased, to say the least.

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