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A NEW Project for Paver Cleaning and Sealing in Sarasota

Can you benefit from paver cleaning or sealing in Sarasota? This Customer did!

Proclean Power Washing of Sarasota is always trying to come up with additional services that would benefit our customers in Florida. we realized that there is a major need for paver cleaning and sealing in Sarasota. The humid, moist weather and sporadic rainfall create breeding grounds for moss, algae, and other vegetation to grow in the cracks of pavers and it isn't a good look for your patio or sidewalks. We decided we needed to come up with a permanent solution to this problem. After much research, we determined that the Sela 'n Lock approach was the best in the industry. This is a top-notch product that can be applied and finished in just one day!

We had worked on a residence in Sarasota that had aged pavers and big problem with weeds on their patio.Our team worked diligently to remove the weeds and moss and applied a special solution to prevent them from popping back up. This is a paver-specific chemical and does not bother the surrounding vegetation. Once the weeds had been cleared we stripped the pavers of dirt and debris using our truck-mounted pressure washing system. We noticed that some of the pavers looked a little loose. To avoid damaging them we switched over to our soft wash cleaning system for more gentle water flow. It was finally time to apply the Seal 'n Lock technology.

This system is so easy to apply but it takes professional experience to ensure that it is done right. ProClean is the company for the job. It took us a few hours to apply the Seal 'n Lock. We did not have to wait for the surface to dry before applying the sealant because this product does not require a dry workspace. That's one of the things we like most about the Seal 'n Lock system. Once we finished the pavers in our client's backyard looked like new. Their rich, color was restored to a brilliant amber color once again. There was not a trace of weeds or moss present and there won't be ever again as the Seal 'n Lock system has a lifetime guarantee. Our clients were super happy with the results and so were we.

For more information about ProClean Power Washing Sarasota and our paving cleaning or sealing products, give us a call. We'll also give you a free quote if you're interested.

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