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Is Sarasota Roof Cleaning Necessary?

October 7, 2019

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Regular roof cleaning a Sarasota home or business offers many advantages for property owners, some of which might surprise you! While the roof of a home or office might be the last thing you consider cleaning, there are many reasons to consider a regular roof wash in Sarasota even if a structure’s roof doesn’t necessarily look dirty.

It’s also vital that property owners realize that roof cleaning a Sarasota home or business is not a DIY job! Pressure washing services in Sarasota are best left to a professional no matter the area of a property to be cleaned, but a roof is especially difficult and dangerous to clean properly. Before you go another year without proper roof cleaning in Sarasota, check out these reasons why it’s time to call a Sarasota power washing contractor and have this job done as quickly as possible!

roof cleaning sarasota

How Roof Cleaning in Sarasota Protects a Structure’s Roof

While it’s obvious that Sarasota roof washing improves a structure’s appearance and curb appeal, you might not realize that roof cleaning also protects shingles, tiles, and other roof materials. Note a few ways that roof washing helps keep a roof in good repair as well as looking its best:

  • Roof washing a Sarasota home or business removes tree branches, leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris that scratch and even outright loosen roof tiles and shingles.
  • Damp leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris hold water and moisture against shingles, softening them and leading to damage. A thorough roof cleaning removes that debris and protects the roof from potential water damage.
  • Moss and algae work their way under roofing tiles and shingles, loosening those materials and increasing the risk that they might fall away from the roof. Algae also eats away at the materials used to make asphalt shingles. Roof washing in Sarasota removes those damaging contaminants and protects the roof from losing its shingles!
  • Soot and air pollution residues dry out shingles and tiles, making them brittle and more likely to crumble away. A thorough roof cleaning of a Sarasota home or business removes even the thickest layers of soot, dried dust, smoke, air pollution, and other such bothersome residues.
  • Bird droppings are caustic and damage roof shingles while birds can also poke around between shingles, looking for seeds or insects, and loosen those tiles in the process! Pressure washing services remove droppings, nests, and all the seeds and other goodies that attract birds, protecting a roof from damage.
  • Pressure washing services in Sarasota also reveal areas of damage to a structure’s roof, including torn shingles, loose flashing, dents in a metal roof, cracked vents and pipes, a cracked or chipped chimney stack, and broken tiles. Repairing those areas quickly protects the roof and your home’s interior from further damage.

Can You Pressure Wash a Sarasota Roof?

Pressure washing in Sarasota is an excellent choice for exterior walls, concrete, and other surfaces, but high-pressure rinsing is often damaging to roofing materials. At the same time, a garden hose is insufficient for cleaning debris from a structure’s roof!

Soft wash systems in Sarasota are a preferred option for many pressure washing services and building owners, as surfactants used in soft pressure washing seep into nooks and crannies and dissolve thick dirt and grime. Low pressure rinsing removes that debris without loosening shingles and tiles.

Soft wash pressure washing services in Sarasota are also used for dissolving thick dirt and grime in gutters and downspouts. Combine gutter cleaning power washing in Sarasota with roof washing and your home will look its best while also being free of damaging dirt, mud, dust, and other debris.

roof cleaning sarasota

Is Sarasota Roof Washing a DIY Job?

Pressure washing a Sarasota structure’s roof is potentially damaging on its own, but this job can also be dangerous for homeowners and property owners! The kickback of power washing equipment can throw you off balance and off a ladder quite easily, risking serious injury.

If you’ve never used a power washer before, you might also be taken off guard by the splashing created with many pressure washers. High-powered water splashing back into your face is dangerous and can cause injury to your skin, eyes, and nasal passages.

It’s also easy to lose control of a pressure washing wand and wind up cutting a damaging path of water right across your beautiful landscaping, or shattering exterior window glass! High-pressure rinsing can also chip and crack chimney brick and exterior siding, so leave this job to a qualified pressure washing contractor.

When Should You Schedule Sarasota Roof Cleaning?

A homeowner or business owner will typically schedule roof washing every few years, but note that the weather in the Sarasota area might mean added layers of sand, silt, grit, grime, mud, and other residues on your structure’s roof. The humid weather in Florida also means an increased risk of mold, mildew, moss, and algae growing along a structure’s roof.

Your pressure washing contractor in Sarasota can note the right schedule of roof washing for your home or business, but most area property owners consider annual power washing of their entire property. Yearly pressure washing services remove thick layers of sand, grit, and other grime without damaging outside building materials.

It’s also good to consider roof washing in Sarasota after a particularly stormy season or after a strong storm moves through your area. Tropical storms tend to deposit lots of twigs, leaves, seeds, and other such debris along a structure’s roof, and a light washing removes that debris before it causes damage to tiles and shingles.

If you’re in doubt as to whether or not your home or office needs Sarasota roof cleaning, remember that most contractors offer free quotes for their cleaning services. You might schedule roof washing and then note the difference such cleaning makes when it comes to the overall appearance of your home or business. Once you see how regular roof cleaning improves your property’s curb appeal, you might realize the value of having this service performed regularly!

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