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With over twenty years of specialized experience in all forms power washing, and nothing but stellar reviews from all our past customers, ProClean Power Washing Sarasota is the company to call for all your exterior house and property cleaning needs.
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20 Years Experience

Any contractor can rent a pressure washer and call themselves a pro, but a lack of experience and incorrect methods can cause more harm than good. We've been doing this for 20 years and our cleaning methods, customer service and reliability are unparalleled.
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Cutting-Edge Method

Our powerful power washing methods will blow your mind! We use a 20-year perfected SOFT WASH cleaning method to gently yet effectively destroy all spores, algae, moss, mildew and more without damaging your property's surfaces or landscape.
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Fast, Reliable & Trusted

We pride ourselves in being the fastest and most reliable and trusted power washing company in Sarasota, FL and beyond. Our business motto is and always will be 100% customer satisfaction and we always go above and beyond to create life-long clients.
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Why Choose Our Pressure Washing Services

ProClean Power Washing Sarasota offers the most exclusive and thorough "soft wash" pressure washing system in Sarasota and surrounding cities. Soft wash systems are the perfect choice for removing caked-on dirt, silt, and sand, as well as water stains, thick cobwebs, and other debris from every area of your home and property, without damaging those surfaces or disturbing your beautiful landscaping.

Exterior House Cleaning

Our soft wash pressure washing system will gently but thoroughly wash your home's exterior brick or siding, as well as storm shutters, undersides of gutters, downspouts, and eaves.
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Pool Deck Cleaning Services

A professional pressure cleaning will remove sand, silt, grit, dirt, dust, and other debris from your home's pool deck, protecting the pool's surface and making the space more relaxing and enjoyable for you!
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Expert Roof Cleaning

A thorough soft wash roof cleaning of your Sarasota home will gently wash away water stains and years of sand, silt, and soot buildup, without damaging storm-softened shingles or even the most brittle of clay tiles
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Driveway & Patio Pressure Washing

Pressure washing a Sarasota driveway and patio will remove motor oil, dirt, mud, and sand trapped in the pits and crevices of that concrete while restoring the paint color of those surfaces and making this space look fresh and new
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Window Cleaning

Soft wash power washing Sarasota exterior windows will remove coarse silt, sand, cobwebs, water marks, dust, and other debris from window panes, without scratching the glass or shredding aluminum screens.
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Gutter Cleaning

Our soft wash gutter cleaning system will dissolve years of mud, silt, and other debris clogging your Sarasota home's gutters, keeping those gutters flowing freely and protecting your home's exterior from potential water damage.
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Our Work Is Our Passion

ProClean Power Washing Sarasota is the leading provider of pressure cleaning in Sarasota and the surrounding cities, and our soft wash systems are second to none. We have been the area's experts on exterior pressure washing for over twenty years, and guarantee complete satisfaction with every home and property we service. With nothing short of excellent reviews from all our past customers, you know you can trust the experts at ProClean Power Washing Sarasota to get your home and property spotlessly clean and pristine.
  • Exterior Pressure Cleaning Sarasota, FLExterior Pressure Cleaning
    Exterior pressure cleaning a Sarasota FL home will restore its color, remove damaging dirt and debris, and get rid of unsightly water stains.
    Roof Cleaning Sarasota, FLRoof Cleaning Sarasota
    Soft washroof cleaning a Sarasota home protects clay tiles from storm damage and will remove moss, algae, and other debris from asphalt shingles.
    Driveway Power Washing Sarasota, FLDriveway Power Washing
    Driveway power washing removes abrasive and damaging sand, grit, and grime, protecting and restoring the color of painted concrete.
  • Window Cleaning Sarasota, FLWindow Cleaning
    Soft wash window cleaning a Sarasota FL home gently removes thick cobwebs, years of storm debris, and layers of sand and grit.
    Gutter Pressure Washing Sarasota, FLGutter Pressure Washing
    Pressure washing a Sarasota home's gutters quickly cleans out mud, silt, and grime, while also washing away mold and algae along a roof's edge.
    Commercial Pressure Washing Sarasota, FLCommercial Pressure Washing
    Power washing a Sarasota FL commercial building protects your investment and makes the building more attractive to customers, clients, and tenants.

Your Home Needs Power Washing in Sarasota FL

Abrasive grit and grime eats away at brick exteriors and can scratch vinyl and aluminum siding. Our soft wash pressure washing services will remove layers of soot, grit, sand, silt, and dust, protecting your home's exterior as well as its concrete foundation.

Stormy Florida weather also often results in water stains along with a home's exterior, making your house look downright shabby. Our pressure washing services will thoroughly remove even the toughest marks, stains, and discoloration, as well as algae and mildew, making your home's exterior fresh and new.
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Home Cleaning Services Sarasota, FL
Expert Roof Cleaning Sarasota, FL

Roof Cleaning Protects Your Sarasota Property

Roof cleaning a Sarasota home will gently wash away abrasive storm debris, along with any growing mold or algae. Soft wash cleaning soot and grime will also restore a roof's color, improving your home's overall curb appeal.

Professional roof cleaning can also expose areas of damaged or missing shingles and tiles, and even soft spots or potential structural damage that needs immediate attention. Your home will then be in good repair while also looking its best.
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Driveway Pressure Washing Means Fewer Repairs

Grit, grime, sand, mud, and other residues from Florida storms can eat away at concrete and outdoor patio pavers. Dripping motor oil breaks down asphalt and causes potholes, chipping, and surface spalling.

Soft wash systems will gently dissolve layers of dirt and grime as well as motor oil and other fluids so that everything can be gently rinsed away. Your driveway, walkways, patio and other outdoor surfaces will look their best and also need fewer repairs overall.
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Driveway and Patio Pressure Washing Sarasota, FL

Window Cleaning in Sarasota FL & Surrounding Areas

Window cleaning for a Sarasota FL home will wash away coarse sand and silt as well as corrosive acid rain residue, pollution, and soot. Soft wash cleaning a home's hurricane shutters will help prevent damage to their rollers and cassettes and allow those shutters to move freely when in operation.

Soft wash window cleaning can also expose scratches, nicks, discoloration, and other signs of damage to your home's windows. Repairing or replacing the glass, as needed, can ensure your home is adequately insulated and protected from outside heat and harsh weather.  We provide these expert window cleaning and pressure washing services in a number of areas around Sarasota, so if you are visiting our website and are not sure if we will come out, chances are we would be more than happy to!
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Soft Wash Cleaning Protects Gutters

Florida storms often deposit layers of heavy grime, silt, wet sand, and mud in a home's gutters. This added weight can pull gutters away from the house and cause blockages and backups, leading to water stains along a home's exterior walls.

Soft wash systems will gently dissolve the thickest of grime in a home's gutters. The gentle water pressure used to rinse away that residue won't damage gutters or their connectors, and won't cause splashing and splattering along the house or your landscaping.

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Pool Deck Cleaning Services for a Relaxing Poolside Experience

Sand, silt, grit, and thick dust on a pool deck can become airborne and quite bothersome while you're trying to relax. This debris can also land on the surface of your pool's water, making swimming uncomfortable while also clogging the pool's filter.

Soft wash pool deck cleaning services will gently dissolve the worst poolside grime without damaging painted concrete, patio stone, or wood deck slats. Your pool's water will be clean and protected, and you can also relax and enjoy the Florida sunshine.

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Commercial Pressure Washing Protects Your Investment

Layers of dirt, mud, silt, sand, as well as water stains, can detract from your commercial building's curb appeal, lowering that property's value. Potential customers, clients, and tenants often avoid properties that look rundown, dingy, and dull.

Pressure washing will ensure your commercial property always looks its best and can restore the color of faded brick or painted siding. Your signage will also be more visible and easier to read, so your commercial building stands out from the crowd!
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“Nate did a great job, very thorough, efficient, and so friendly and easy to work with!”

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